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name — Property, class isohill.GridDisplay
Name of this grid for lookups
name — Property, class isohill.IsoDisplay
Name identifier
name — Property, class isohill.State
name of the state ("flee", "attack", "walkTo")
name — Property, class isohill.tmx.TMXLayer
name — Property, class isohill.tmx.TMXObject
name — Property, class isohill.tmx.TMXObjectgroup
name — Property, class isohill.tmx.TMXTileset
name — Property, class starling.display.DisplayObject
The name of the display object (default: null).
nativeOverlay — Property, class starling.core.Starling
A Flash Sprite placed directly on top of the Starling content.
nativeStage — Property, class starling.core.Starling
The Flash (2D) stage Starling renders beneath.
NAVY — Constant Static Property, class starling.utils.Color
nextFrame() — method, class isohill.utils.DynamicMovieClip
NONE — Constant Static Property, class starling.textures.TextureSmoothing
No smoothing, also called "Nearest Neighbor".
numberOfLayers — Property, class isohill.IsoHill
Returns the number of layers added to the engine
numChildren — Property, class isohill.GridDisplay
Returns the number of IsoDisplay children in the grid
numChildren — Property, class starling.display.DisplayObjectContainer
The number of children of this container.
numFrames — Property, class isohill.IsoMovieClip
Returns number of Texture frames
numFrames — Property, class starling.display.MovieClip
The total number of frames.
numVertices — Property, class starling.utils.VertexData
The total number of vertices.
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