IsoHill Framework

IsoHill is a new isometric engine for Flash Player 11 [molehill] built on top of the Starling 2D framework.
+ Plugins - engine-wide modifications
+ Includes a TILED map parser
+ Components - logic on the IsoSprites
+ Virtually unlimited layers
+ Anti-aliasing and Mipmapping
+ Built for robust browser games

Demo v0.5

IsoHill - The GPU powered isometric engine for Flash 11


Cutting Edge Flash 11

IsoHill is created using the most state-of-the-art techniques and tools to achieve the highest quality possible with a Flash 11 GPU accelerated isometric game engine.


Docs & Support

I'm working as fast as I can to get to an official beta release with an example games and a community forum. For updates, follow me at


Plugins for Tiled Editor

Easily use TILED [] TMX data with the engine to import layers and assets. It's about 5 lines of code to get everything setup!


Free & Flexible

The rendering pipeline uses plugins to modify the framework and each game entity has both game state information and a component list of its own. The engine is free under BSD license.

Github Download (compressed zip will be added at beta)